ZZ is a mysterious mage who finds his way into teaming up with Myk to make non-MVPs more authority. Not much is known about him because of his introverted character, but he proves to be an extremely powerful teammate to have at their side. ZZ is a major character in the xMVP side plot.

Personality Edit

Much about ZZ's character is unknown, including his age, gender, and source of powers. There are many notable signs that show he may be female, but most prefer to just call him male. He seems to be introverted and lacks the spirit to communicate with others. When Myk does eventually confront him, ZZ is easily characterized as emotionless, as most of the things he mentions doesn't make sense. Because of the way he talks about near-death instances, Myk's friends often come to conclusions that he has mental issues or that he is undead, especially since no one has ever seen ZZ's real face before.

Most of the other characters who encounter ZZ become easily frightened because of the dissonant tunes he often plays with his guitar. It is arguable whether or not he is musical or just plucking the strings for the pleasure, but he is still frightening to see alone out on the streets. It is possible that he may have suffered an emotional trauma that turned him into the creep he is today, but most is unknown.

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