Yoshi is a major character in the episode series. He plays as a minor sidekick of Mario and is known for his cheery personality.


Yoshi is very optimistic which makes him an excellent friend to have around. He is also empathetic and is often turned to when things are bad since he has the ability to turn people's mood happy very fast. At times, he is short-tempered and serious, however most people find it hard to take him seriously. Pit often makes fun of him because of his whiny voice when he complains about things being unfair.


Yoshi is a green dragon. He is seen around the same size as Mario, but heavier. He also has strong back and leg muscles which allows him to carry people around. He has a high pitched voice that makes him annoying when he is whining. His costume usually consists of just a T-shirt on the top and shoes. He usually wears no bottoms.


  • Mario - is Yoshi's roommate and are best friends. They get along very well and talk to each other a lot about random things. Though they do not have much in common in terms of personality and hobbies, they still rely on each other when things come up.
  • Pit - is an excellent leader, which Yoshi looks up to him for. They are good friends, they get along well, and have a lot in common. Many times, Yoshi whines about how he feels Pit is better than him and how he wants to be more like him, which shows that Yoshi sees Pit as a role model in a way. However, Pit still treats him no lower than him and doesn't complain whenever Yoshi gets the better side of things.
  • Bowser - lives in the same household as Yoshi, and gets along best with Yoshi as well. They consider each other close even though they don't have much in common because they are both the non-humans of the family.

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