Wez is a major character in the xMVP side story.


Wez is the largest member of Myk's team. His size makes him intimidating and feared. Despite this, he usually doesn't prefer to break out into violence. Of the entire team, Wez is the most noticable and usually is the one who ends up getting caught during their operations.

He is also shown as not very smart. In class, his average grade is around the C-range because he slacks off from his homework. He bombs most tests that he takes and is disliked by most teachers. Sometimes his lack of intellegence is used as an advantage, especially when he gets caught in operations because he is excellent at playing dumb and looking stupid.

Overall, he expressed a tough personality. Wez is brave, strong, and seen as cool among his friends. His role in operations is usually the brawler because he can beat up enemies standing in Myk's way.

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