Villager is a minor character in the episodes. He is the most feared character in the Nintendo province and is very mysterious and dark. Villager originates from the Animal Crossing games and is a newcomer in SSB4.


Villager is extremely introverted. His voice has never been heard, he is withdrawn from most, and he has no friends. Most people view Villager as a psychopath because he attacks people with his axe or other weapons randomly and causes havoc in the Nintendo province. However, it is later revealed that he is actually a very nice and innocent kid, however he does not understand language or human nature, which causes him to look like a maniac around other people.


Villager is small, and almost always has a smile on his face. He has normal brown hair, a triangle shaped nose, and very big eyes. When about to break into violence, his teeth turn sharp. He wears the same outfit all the time, which is a red T-shirt with a blue number 1 on it, black shorts, and blue tennis shoes.

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