Tag is a minor character in the main series, but he is a major character in the xMVP side story.  He is very popular among the non-significant xMVPs, and assumes the role of one of the leader in their campaign to prove themselves useful.


Throughout the series, Tag is seen as a show-off, similar to Sonic in many ways. However, rather than provoking people to make them mad, Tag usually ends up getting mad and whining over things he finds is unfair. He is one of the most popular non-MVPs in the school and despises MVPs for stealing the fame that he feels that he deserves.

Tag is the leader of Myk and the campaign for non-MVP rights. He is very outgoing and has a good reputation to the other non-MVPs in his school. He is somewhat selfish, especially when unfairness comes between MVP-based topics, which pushes him to fight harder for their freedom.

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