The xMVPs (non-MVPs) in the side story go on many adventures together.  Here is a guide of them.

7th gradeEdit

The series first aired at the start of the 7th grade year of xMVPs Myk, Tag, Wez, and Log.  In attempt to make themselves known and seen as equal to the MVPs who get more attention, they begin meeting up after school to come up with plans to make things better for them.  Their first mission is where they switch the two buses of the MVPs, which is higher in quality, and the xMVPs.

During the PACER test in their Physical Education class, the xMVPs are split up from the MVPs and are tested first.  While setting a goal to get as many laps as possible, Myk and Jerg run for the longest period of time until they are cut off by the teacher to give the MVPs more time to run. Tag decides to hold off and run with the MVPs, and therefore gets a much higher score.  After getting a perspective of the team's cleverness, Jerg decides to hang out with them and naturally blends in with the group.

The Presidential CampaignEdit

Since it's the beginning of the school year, the school is starting up elections for positions for their ASB.  To represent the xMVPs, the team decides to have Tag to not only run for Treasurer, but to win the election.  After submitting the application, they discover that they are against xMVP Francis, and MVPs Sonic and Olimar.

In preparation for the presidential campaign, they start creating posters, but their poster is very low quality due to the fact that none of them are very good artists.  While being annoyed by xMVP Manny, who is running against Mario for Vice President, he shows to them that he already has some merchandise that he will be using to support his campaign.

Soon, along with their new member, Jerg, the five of them put Bus Switch Operation DX into action.

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