Pit is a side-major character, originating from the Kid Icarus franchise.  He is often times seen as the secondary leader of the gang of eight due to his personality.


Pit is usually very confident.  He is a bold leader who isn't afraid to stick up for his friends.  In his smaller circle with Yoshi, Olimar, and Sonic, he is seen as the leader of the group, while playing the role as the secondary leader in the larger group next to Mario.  Even then, he is respectful and almost never brags, looking not down to his friends, but rather at them on the same level.  Pit enjoys helping out other people, as it was originally him who first bonded with both Olimar and Sonic which allowed him to join their gang.


Pit represents an angel, as he lodges white wings on his back which he usually doesn't show during school.  He has brown hair that sticks out in a way, which he is sometimes seen wearing a thin angel headband around.  Other that, he mainly dresses normally.


Although he has the wings of an angel, Pit cannot actually fly on his own, and the wings on his back are for decoration.  However, he weilds a bow that can be used not only for shooting arrows, but also as a blade.  In school, he is also shown to be quite athletic.


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  • Mario - sees Pit as a very helpful and reliable friend, as Pit feels the same way towards Mario as well.  When hanging out in a larger group with major and minor character in the 7th grade, while Mario is seen as the main leader, he looks to Pit as the secondary leader of the group.
  • Yoshi - was one of Pit's first friends since the beginning of the series.  When Pit entered the world, the two of them would hang out with each other very often, though eventually, their group expanded. Nonetheless, Pit still accepts the fact that Yoshi was indeed one of the first and closest friends he ever made.
  • Palutena - lives with Pit.  Despite having many people looking up to him, Pit sees Palutena as an older sister, and he looks up to her as a role model, and tries to adjust himself to be more like her.
  • Olimar - had trouble making friends in the beginning when he started his new life.  Pit was the first person to befriend him, which eventually led to Olimar joining the gang and gaining more fame.  Olimar also seems to have somewhat grown from the starting point to becoming who Pit might call his best friend.
  • Sonic - had a similar problem as Olimar and had trouble making friends in the beginning.  However, Pit befriended him, and he joined the group of side-major characters, as well.

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