Vital statistics
Position Super Mario
Age 8th grade
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight Light
Peach is a minor character in the episodes. She is one of the two female members of the Mario household and takes a larger role during important missions in the story.

Personality Edit

Peach is a more kind character than most others. She is criticized much for her habit of "helping the helpless" as many people have become familiar with. This trait leads her to accidentally giving Gree her autograph. She also tends to shower other characters with compliments, and is very good mannered. Many non-MVPs in Pictochat seem to have an intense crush on her.

In contrast, Peach is very emotional. In the household, she is seen to throw fits at Rosalina and cry hysterically when she gets injured. She seems more outgoing when she's out in public, strangely shying down a little when she is with her roommates.

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