Olimar is a major character in the episode series. He takes the role of the puny and weak character, and is the shortest character in the episodes. He originates from Pikmin and is overall very friendly.


He is usually treated very poorly by other kids in Pictochat Middle School and made fun of because of his size and nearly bald head. However, many see that Olimar doesn't mind these insults, and doesn't mind being different. He takes his life lightly and jokes around much of the time. From directing his Pikmin, he owns great leadership skills and is able help keep things in order, especially for his small size. He is also shown as a very persistent character, as he continuously tries his hardest in the boot camp episode to try to train his stamina and running ability up. Though he doesn't improve much, he still celebrates for the small achievement he has made.


Olimar has an odd appearance that he is often made fun of. The most noticable part of Olimar is his size. He is just barely shorter than Kirby and weighs a lot less than Kirby as well. His hair is quite short and only consists of three brown streaks that stick out of his head. He also owns a 'Nintendo' nose that many other characters own which is big and round. His eyes are squinty and almost always seen closed. He has a nice tenor singing voice in the choir, but his actual voice is slightly higher than the average voice in Nintendo. He dresses more formally and colorfully than most characters, and ocasionally wears his astronaut helmet to deal with his asthma.


  • Pit - was the first character to befriend Olimar after he decided to change and become a better person.  After bonding together, Pit and Olimar became who you could call best friends.
  • Kirby - is Olimar's rival in a way, since Kirby is the second shortest character in the 7th grade.  Olimar has many times attempted to beat Kirby in size, going out of his way to grow out his hair once (Only to see it begin to droop downwards rather than sticking up) to not be the shortest.
  • Louie - is very annoying to Olimar and doesn't really help him, rather he gets in his way.  Olimar banished him from the household, though Louie still visits sometimes to steal food.
  • Pikmin - are the little creatures that follow Olimar around.  They are very loyal to him, and Olimar tries to treat them all well as if each one is an important individual.

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