Myk (Pronounced 'Mike) is an xMVP.  Although he is usually only shown as a background character in the main series, he plays the role as the main protagonist in the xMVP side story.


Myk displays some personality traits that are similar to those of Mario's, and a few that are different.  Among his group of friends who he hangs out with, he is the quieter one who doesn't like to cause trouble.  While he knows when to goof off, he tries his best to follow directions and not to get in trouble.  He also tries his best to get good grades, perform well in athletics, and in helping people out.

There also ways that Myk differs from Mario.  While Mario is the leader of his group, Myk acts as a mere follower to Tag, who assumes the role of their group's leader.  He doesn't do anything to try to gain attention, but he is known for being kind and friendly in his grade, along with being Tag's best friend.  

Despite his calm, he will speak up for what he believes is right, and does more than anyone else in working to enhance the rights of the xMVPs.  While the MVPs get a lot more attention than him, he works with his friends to imcrease the ties between the two groups.


  • Tag - is Myk's best friend.  While Tag receives a lot of popularity and attention in comparison to Myk, the two of them work together in many activities.  Tag is stubborn and arrogant, so Myk usually sticks around to support him when they are hosting their xMVP activities to make sure he doesn't screw up.

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