Maxwell is a third-party character, originating from the game Scribblenauts.  He is notably one of the smartest students in his grade level, and possibly one of the smartest among the MVPs.  Maxwell is always seen carrying around his notebook, which can be used to create anything that is written inside.


Maxwell is probably the most intellegent MVP in his grade level.  He is hard-working, he is the only MVP in 7th grade taking prestigious honors courses, and makes sure that he turns in all his assignments and aces all of his tests.  For the most part, he keeps his reputation for As in all of his classes except for Fitness.

In contrast to this, Maxwell is extremely stuck up.  Due to his high level of intellect, he tends to think too hard and mess things up.  He acts very self-centered and tries to see himself as superior to his friends, although in reality, it is evident that he cares for his friends, as he refused to leave them behind when he was given the opportunity to skip a grade.  Maxwell also has somewhat of a short temper, and is sometimes sent down to see the counselor when he loses his mind.  Even though he shows high academic ability, he sucks at managing business.


Maxwell has a cartoonish appearance, with thin eyes, a small nose, and a mouth.  Strangely, his hair is never shown, as he is always seen wearing his rooster helmet.  He also wears a starite necklace around his neck, and everything else is random.


Maxwell always carries around a special notebook.  Anything written inside this notebook becomes a real, physical object that he can summon to help him.  Of course, he sometimes can't control the dangerous creatures that he creates, so he can dispose of these items at will.

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