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Log is a major character in the xMVP side story.


Log is shown to be the smartest student in Myk's primary group. He is known as a nerd in the Honor's class, and he is excellent with hacking computer technology, fixing things, and figuring out how things work. Myk often turns to him because he tends to be extremely useful in operations.

To counter this, Log is seen as hasty and careless. This quality creates flaws in the plans he executes with Myk. Overall, he is fast when it comes to completing tasks, but he makes mistakes most of the time that costs lots to the team.

Compared to Maxwell, Log doesn't try spending too much of his time working on assignments and prefers to spend it socializing with his friends. He is seen as a lot less stuck-up than Maxwell, and is unarguably a lot more useful when it comes to emergency situations. He doesn't brag about his intellegence and is still imperfect.

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