Vital statistics
Position The Legend of Zelda
Age 7th grade
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight Average
Link is a major character in the series.  He is often times known as Mario's sidekick when time calls for it, as they take part in many adventures together.


Among most of his acquaintances, Link is known as a troublemaker.  Like in the Zelda games, he runs around town chasing animals, breaking valuables, and screaming in quiet areas.  He is also very adventurous, and he goes on many mini-quests when he gets bored, accomplishing tasks like stealing rupees and sometimes saving the world. While causing trouble, though, he is also quite clever and is a good problem-solver.  On the inside, though, he has a calmer side, where he is very shy and sometimes nervous when he experiences too much attention.


Mario - is accompanied by Link on a lot of adventures.  Link is known as Mario's sidekick for this reason.  Along with this, the two of them were very good friends since a very young age.

Fox - is Link's neighbor, so they hang out with each other a lot.  They have similar hobbies and enjoy playing outside, which could be a factor in why they get along.

Kirby - is also a good friend with Link.  Link sees Kirby as an enjoyable friend with a fun personality, as the pink ball volunteers to embark on journeys with him.

Sonic - is not in the closer circle consisting of Link, Mario, Kirby, and Fox, but Link gets along better with Sonic than his other friends, as they both are adventurous, energetic, and troublemakers.  Due to this fact, they like to work as partners in crime when time calls for it.

Ganondorf - lives in the same household as Link.  Since Ganondorf is like Link's elder and more mature than the rest of the teenagers, Link's looks up to and depends on him a lot.

Zelda - also lives with Link, but usually ostrasizes herself from the rest of her 'weird' house members.  Although they do not bond as well yet, it can be assumed that they begin to get along better later.

Tingle - appears every once in a while in the household.  It is extremely unpredictable in telling whether he is there just to annoy Link or to give him a special treat.

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