Knuckle Joe, often referred to as KJ, is a minor character in the episodes. He is notable as strong and short-tempered. KJ is a common character in Kirby games and an assist trophy in Brawl.


KJ suffers intermittent explosive disorder, which causes him to have get angered very easily and break into violence. Because of this, many people try their best to avoid him to avoid getting hurt. He has a lot of enemies and has been rumored to love to hate. Beside this, KJ performs horribly in school, having the worst grades in Pictochat Middle School and having gotten suspended many times and sometimes even expelled. After earning his trust, many find it nice to have KJ at their side for defense, but he is feared to almost everyone else.


KJ appears as he does in games. He is shorter than most characters, but weighs a lot for his size and is exetremely muscular. He has spiky yellow hair and a white bandana. His costume is usually tennis shoes and tough boxing gloves with a boxing suit.


KJ is a meatitarian and is allergic to vegetables, so the only thing he eats is meat. He has good endurance and fast, hard punches and kicks. He keeps a punching bag in his room to train every day.


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