Vital statistics
Position Kirby
Age 7th grade
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Short
Weight As light as a feather
Kirby is a major character in the episodes. He is annoying to many other characters and is greatly despised by certain people. He is unpredictable and extremely random in everything he does.


Kirby's personality is very interesting. Most see him to be extremely stupid and messes up on most things he does. He tends to be short-tempered too and a crybaby. Many times, he is the source of problems, but usually tries to pass the blame to someone else. He is also a show-off and tries to make himself stick out as a 'cutie' or a violin virtuoso. On the bright side, however, Kirby is creative and almost always happy. It is very evident that he cares for his friends. Most people like Mario just use Kirby because of his pecularities, but others find him joyful to be around and hang out with him like he is a true friend.


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