King Dedede is a well-known character from the Kirby franchise, whether or not playing the role as a teammate or a villian.  Although he doesn't spend much time at home with Kirby, he is shown to be a very powerful foe in combat.


King Dedede prefers to be alone so then no one can disturb him while he is doing his business, so he doesn't spend much time in the Kirby household and would rather live a nomadic lifestyle.  He has an uncontrollable addiction to alcohol while being underaged, so often times, he loses himself from having drunk too much whiskey.  While in his drunk state, he is very clumsy and has very little idea of what's going on, and acts very lazily while lying down on the ground daydreaming. The king is also shown to be controlled by his greed.  When he sees very beautiful gems or just a huge amount of money (Or food), he is immediately drawn in and will do anything to gain a fortune from it. Fortunately, he does have a good side when he isn't sidetracked by drunkenness or greed, and feels the duty to come and offer help when it is needed. He is also very competitive and likes to face off others in challenges where he'll receive a great earning.

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