Vital statistics
Position Starfox
Age 7th grade
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight Average
Fox is a major character in the series, originating from the Starfox franchise.  He hangs out in the closer circle with other major characters, although he isn't very helpful.  He is known as an intense football player.


Fox acts like a toughnut.  He tries to stick out and do everything the cool way while not really doing anything.  In doings so, Fox is somewhat clumsy, and often times rushes things to get them done with.  He doesn't really show off, he just sets standards for himself to become a better character. He is pretty active at speaking, and will almost always express his emotions through words when time calls for it more than others, especially when he's annoyed, showing his agitated self.

Fox shows a great passion for football, but otherwise is seemingly lacking in enthusiasm. When something sounds like a stupid and uncool thing to do, he is usually found trying to come up with excuses not to participate. But he has a clever mind, and is therefore more aware than other characters about what's going on, which annoys him to some extent when others are slow to realize.


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