Diddy Kong is a minor character in the episodes. He is the best friend of Donkey Kong, who is two years older than him, and together, they are the head of a popular group of friends at school.


Diddy Kong is extremely popular, and is probably the most well-known 6th grader at Pictochat Middle School. Compared to DK, Diddy is a lot weaker, so he seems to avoid fights whenever possible. He is very friendly and easy to be around. This may also be a result of his small size, which makes him a lot more approachable than DK. Diddy Kong is also characterized for being creative and doing crazy and random things without thinking, and he is good at crafting thing, such as the Peanut Popgun or the Rocket Barrels.

Overall, he is quite hyper, and slightly mischievous, but also holds a sense of politeness. Like Donkey Kong, Diddy is quite empathetic despite the fame that he holds.

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