Burning Leo (Or just Leo) originates from the Kirby franchise, possessing fire power.  He is the only insignificant MVP in the world whose existance was not wiped out by the Bannonigan.


Among the larger circle of 7th graders, Leo seems to be the only completely normal character and acts mostly like the average citizen.  Most of the traits that make him up are pretty average, and he acts as a follower, he doesn't show off too often, and he generally tries to follow the rules.  It is evident that he is more responsible and organized than other characters in his grade level and especially in his household, as he works harder to make sure he gets good grade.  He is also somewhat active, and is commonly chosen to be on sports teams, as Kirby says that he is always 'on fire'.


Leo appears as he did in Kirby Super Star, appearing as a round blue creature with small arms and green feet.  He is always seen wearing a crown.  His most significant feature are the flames that cover up his head, which usually can't hurt anyone.


Leo has fire powers.  Although he can't activate it any time at his will to keep things normal, when his thermal level grows high enough, he is capable of using fire in attacks.


Leo first entered the world with the other helpers, including Knuckle Joe.  At that time, the population of the planet was high.  As the ruler of the planet, Toad used the Bannonigan to remove both Leo and KJ from the planet, but, due to pure luck, they were on vacation, along with Kirby, Meta Knight, and all the other people who took care of Kirby at the time.  When they got back, the two of them were the only ones remaining.


  • Kirby - lives with Leo.  Despite Kirby's annoying personality, Leo respects him and is willing to help him out when needed.
  • Knuckle Joe - sees Leo as his best friend and the only character who can keep him calm when he loses control.
  • Meta Knight - is supposedly in charge of Leo, along with his other family members.  However, Leo usually assumes responsibility of the household, as Meta Knight himself doesn't do a very good job with it
  • King Dedede - also lives with Leo.  However, Dedede is always drunk, so they therefore don't communicate too often.

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